Our Story

Second Chance Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization founded in April of 2016 and located in the historic Georgetown, S.C. The founders, Meta Cooper and Rebecca Ritch spent many years working in the County animal shelter where they learned all too quickly the heavy burden placed upon shelter workers. Though it is NOT the shelter’s fault, the fact still remains, Georgetown County has an overwhelming number of animals in need. 

"There is simply NOT ENOUGH ROOM FOR ALL OF THE MISPLACED CATS AND DOGS!" Realizing the extreme need, our founders wished to open a local safe haven to relieve the heavy burden placed on the local shelter, as well as give the community a place to turn to when in need.

We are dedicated to rescuing those in need within the community. What makes our rescue stand out is that our main focus is to help find refuge and loving homes for animals that hardly stand a chance at a county shelter; seniors over the age of 9, the heartworm positive, the 'unfairly' deemed aggressive, the not-so-attractive and the very shy. THESE ANIMALS ARE OUR PRIMARY FOCUS. Sadly, in most cases, many animals only get ONE chance at a new life when they enter a shelter. Some are adopted. Some are overlooked. And for many animals, when their number comes up so has their time and they are euthanized. Our Second Chance Animal Rescue founders have created this rescue for one purpose… and that is to offer those animals a SECOND CHANCE. Our founders invite you to please join us on our journey to help the homeless.